Beth English Tutor Pro Payment Packages

All packages come with the following:

  • Initial Evaluation to see what you know and what you need to practice
  • 25 minute One-on-one conversational practice lessons on Skype with trained professional tutors
  • Goal setting and follow-up to chart your progress and help you see your improvement
  • Access to IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) charts and sites to practice and improve specific American English sounds that you need
  • Practice with pronunciation aspects such as intonation, linking, stress, and voice inflections to improve your accent and help you speak more clearly to potentially get a better salary
  • Weekly homework (if requested) to keep you practicing on your own for quicker improvement
  • Recordings as needed to improve your awareness and pronunciation
  • Shadowing and parroting during lessons to practice the flow of the English language

Payment Packages (all 25-minute lessons)

    Basic Package  





($5 savings)

 Premium Package  

25 Lessons



($1,675 savings)

 Elite Package (Most Popular)  

30 Lessons



($2,150 savings)


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