A teacher mispronouncing a student’s name can have a lasting impact

Mispronouncing a student’s name can be detrimental to the student and the teacher.

At Beth English Tutor Pro we take great care to learn and pronounce students’ names correctly so that they will feel validated and important as they truly are. Sometimes teachers don’t realize that mispronouncing a student’s name has such a negative effect on the student. It is very important to pronounce their names correctly so that they will feel accepted and appreciated. It is a form of discrimination to brush off pronouncing names correctly.

What can happen when teachers mispronounce students’ names?

It can make students feel invisible. If teachers want to leave a lasting impression on students, they need to take the time to learn to pronounce names correctly. Names are a reflection of the student’s culture and identity. If teachers fail to pronounce student’s names correctly, students start to throw up walls which make it harder to get through to them. The simple mispronunciation of a name can lead to serious problems. It can hinder academic progress and even persuade students to drop out of school.

Showing that we care.

If teachers don’t take the time to pronounce names correctly, it shows that they don’t care about the individuals. When teachers force students to take on a nickname or to hear their name mispronounced or laughed at, it makes students withdraw and feel like no one cares about them. At Beth English Tutor Pro we care deeply about students and their feelings. We hope that by learning your names you will feel appreciated and be more able to learn and use your knowledge in actual communication. You may read the following article to learn more about the effects of mispronouncing a student’s name.

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